Friday, September 05, 2008

The weekend

To all - I have of course spent a lot of time thinking about our situation here over the last few days, but not too much as it's only the internet after all ;)

I'll think again over the weekend but even at first thought I can't see myself putting the bullet in the head here just yet. Yes, this was a specific idea to begin with - to create a group blog with a combination of people I knew who either had blogs of their own or had never blogged before and to put them all together with no style guide, no theme, no direction and see what happened.

Of course chaos ensued, glorious, wonderful chaos, we became a social club with a small blog attached, people who had never known each other before became fast friends, that has been our real success.

Whether we mutate into something new or what happens I don't know. I do have one idea I need to muse on. But strange that at this exact time and without knowledge of what is going on here, one of our previous members has asked to rejoin :)

We all come back in the end.

What I would like for the weekend is a simple expression of interest - who wants to stay? No pressure on when you have to post or how often, just who still wants to be in the family. And yes Shan you can change your mind ;)


  1. Call me to discuss this further please! although may have a certain blog you and I may well take on! more of that on that phone call.

  2. i'm still in, although happy for some change.

  3. I'd go so far as to commit to a post a week.

    But I'd like to see lots more people join, to get us back to our original number of regular posters.

  4. Personally I would love to see some of the old names return, as well as the newb's as they keep calling themselves (fuck off making us feel old), the nostalgia post really did make me smile.

    I am thrilled to see that somebody from yore may well be rejoining.

  5. I am, and always will be, Lurker extraordinaire. So, I will be here in poster capacity or otherwise.

  6. I'm delighted to hear that the blog is gonna be rejuivinated! I think it's time I threw in the towel though! I barely blog anymore, full stop! Sure maybe I'll pop back again at some point (when all my kids are in college?)

    Good Luck!

  7. Aw I hope we all keep going!! Midge you have to stay! :-(

  8. I might even come back after losing my way and going off track.

    I agree with the sentiment that things have lost what they had at the start. I put it down to the lack of anonymity in a "discussion" with SL. I think that saw us restrict ourselves greatly compared to the openness of the posting in the early days.

    That was certainly what put the knife into my ramblings for along time grouped with concerns over stuff I said in previous posts when only very few people knew who very few people were.

  9. To clarify after a request from Herr Cranky Overlord. I'll come back if people decide to keep the good ship floating along....

  10. @Tiberius He is a bit of a cranky git, isn't he? Why do we associate with him at all? ;)

  11. I wish I could have sound to this comment. You'll have to sing the intro yourselves. The Clash - Should I stay or should I go.

    I was going to post on lemmings and rats but I'm happy to hear there is now a possible plan for some kind of a blood infusion. I'm all ears!

  12. ....... it's hard to keep a group together. I find it hard to blog. I've had a few - deleted now - blogs and still I find it hard to come up with a post, but I do- I put up whatever, I don't think about it anymore, but some people can't even string a couple of words together, it's like trying to get water from a stone.
    Maybe they're afraid of failing or .......
    Keep up the good work.

  13. It would be lovely to return to what attracted me to comment in the first place. I loved it, but time's have changed .Oh to be young again.

  14. If it's good enough for Tib...

    I'm in too. Even though I do realise, i'm the most rubbish poster here!

  15. To be honest, I think we need at least a post a day.

    And that means at least 7 posters, prepared to blog once a week. Which also suggests we need to allocate days. I know you don't wan it to be regimented, though I think chaos might be a little fanciful :) but it's not working as is. And then we'll have a whole week to come up with something. And if more comes of it, great.

    I think readers do get bored if there's not something new most days. And I can see the subject of whether or not we blog getting tired soon too!

    Can I offer to do Sunday? Low traffic, but I'll have more time.

  16. Not being a poster here, i would like to add a comment on recent events from just a regular reader's point of view.


    Whether you guys and gals realise it or not, 49£s is one of the best Irish blogs out there, simply because of the community camaraderie that you've built up without meandering down the route of:

    * insulting people who don't deserve it
    * posting stuff for the sake of it
    * believing that you're so important that the readers don't matter
    * being rude/controversial/"edgy" just for the sake of it
    * rehashing press releases
    * being a You Tube VJ

    and most importantly

    * posting for reactions rather than the readers, and
    * pretending to be something you're not

    I've been a regular reader for quite a time now and really enjoy the mix of posters and posts. Recently I realise I haven't commented, a reflection more on my personal situation rather than the quality of posts, but I've enjoyed the mix of confessions, life updates, ideas, arguments, discussions and generally everything that this blog has always said it is - just a mix of people adding their ideas.

    It's tough running one blog, never mind two (or three or more in some cases) and I'm always impressed that posters like jothemama, Lottie and Raptureponies seem to be able to do so successfully. Darren is different here - he has a different tone and style for a different audience which is interesting to watch. Shanachie's evil side came out here, which was always entertaining and midgetwrangler gives that certain view of a hectic life that is so different from my own, I can't help but delight at times that it's not. (Sorry!) I'm not familiar enough with the other bloggers to comment, save that the mixture - like a box of allsorts - is what makes it fun.

    I would love to see more creative posts like this one because that showed the great power of the joint creativity of you all. I'd love to see things like you all starting a story and continuing post on post, to see you continuing discussions like Darren's on suicide and so on.

    But you do need to make some changes too. The debate about moving/changing the blog is one that needs to be continued - at the very least remove the pop-up element of comments and the captcha for them - these are all blocks to people joining the conversation, from adding their voice and being heard. You'd be surprised by how many people are put-off by blogger or equally (I kid you not) don't know how to comment. You guys need to look at things like that.

    You also should be proud of what you've achieved here. This isn't a negative blog, it's an interesting one. It's not at the expense of anyone, it's for the benefit of those involved. It gives a unique outlook, an interesting voice and a bit of fun in a blogging community that NEEDS something like this.

    Continue with this PLEASE. I'll definitely continue to read (and will comment more!) but don't throw away what you got. It's like Darren in real life - a little bit special :o)

  17. Yeah, I have to say, the blog must go on. Been away in boarding school for the past week and it seems your blog has morphed into something akin to my sister's bedroom on the night of the final episode of Friends. There will always be people such as Darren and Lottie to renovate the blog and maintain the enthuasiasm. This could be its renaissance rather than its end. Come on people, let it live...

  18. Wow, Darragh, thanks for you measured, reasoned and post like comment! And cheers, too pauric. Boarding school eh? Aw!

    It is great to get the comments you know, they do keep us writing, well me anyway.

  19. The plan is set in stone. Let's see where we go from here :)

  20. Darragh, you think my life is hectic???? It's boring, mundane and domestic! Gosh, I am shocked that someone, anyone would think it anything other than a bit "slummy mummy"! I'll still be blogging away on my own blog you know, all about my domestic bliss! Nice to know someone thinks I am a wee bit more interesting than I actually am!