Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Asparagus in my widdle!

As I tucked into my dinner the other night, a semi-boring yet quite satisfying and healthy meal of vegetable stir-fry with tofu (the missus is a vegetarian so I have been known to eat this cardboard-tasting-though-I-pretend-to-actually-enjoy-it-food), I found myself staring down the tip of a thin asparagus spear. Upon further inspection I noticed my bowl was full of chopped thin asparagus. I couldn’t help it…my brain instinctively and rather quickly thought, ‘Does thinner asparagus make your piddle smell as much as the thicker asparagus?” Poignant, no? More importantly, how did I not loose a digit chopping the stuff?

Considering I have ADD I did manage to find the following info before getting preoccupied with the next query:

  • There's a theory that there's a link between smelly urine and the supposed aphrodisiac properties in asparagus.
    Now that doesn't bear thinking about.
  • It has long been known for a peculiar side effect; as French scientist and physician Louis Lémery wrote in his 1702 Traité des alimens: "Sparagrass eaten to Excess sharpen the Humours and heat a little; ...They cause a filthy and disagreeable Smell in the Urine, as every Body knows.

Well, as every Body knows, it takes no "Excess" of eating to provoke the smell. Or do they? Turns out not everyone is born with the gene that detects the odors.

Thankfully it's definitely not just me wondering such things as I do, but since this isn't mentioned much, is it one of those Taboo subjects we just don't talk about, like whether the carpet matches the drapes or whether you're not really hung like a donkey and more like a light switch?
To answer my own question drawn by my own conclusion from my ADD research, YES it seems no matter what color or size of asparagus I choose to eat, it is in my DNA that my urine will stink indeed. It is said that in a venerable British men’s club there is a sign reading “DURING THE ASPARAGUS SEASON MEMBERS ARE REQUESTED NOT TO RELIEVE THEMSELVES IN THE HATSTAND.”


  1. I have never eaten asparagus it just has,nt been one of my ambition's so I'm afraid I can't help you. However it seem's awful to think that if u are out everyone knows if you've eaten asparagus

  2. its all true - I believe the smell is often referred to as "earthy"

  3. blogger wouldn't let me say that word in full. Hello?