Sunday, February 01, 2009

Blastin back from the past....

OOOhhhhhh.....pretty new names and people to analyze. Cant wait!

Well shan has asked me back so who am to say no. Have missed this blog which was a great release for my idiotic mind. A bit about me....

I am 33 years old from Dublin. Mental age 4.32 years of age from Saturn. I have a fantastic partner called Aoife who is pretty much the best thing since sliced bread. My loves are reading, writing, gaming and anything that reminds me to not take life so seriously. I am also known in the blogosphere as a photoblogger who taught shan all he knows. I will show you some of my work as we go along.....No aperture this, macro that...

Lookin forward to reading more about everyone, Peace out.... xxxxxxxx idiot


  1. Howdy there all.

    I never read the old blog, but I'll be back at this one now and again.

  2. Hi Idiot
    great that u are writing again . try not to embarrss me

  3. What's the craic? I was wondering who was responsible for Shan being the way he is. Good of you to fess up.
    Looking forward to hangin' out.

  4. Best name so far idiot. Fair play to ya.

  5. Id - I never knew you weere into the pictures too.

  6. Oh yes.....just not very good ones....

  7. Glad to meet you! Looks like shan has put together quite the crew.