Sunday, February 01, 2009

Here come the girls, girls girls girl girls!

Screengrab taken from a Danish advert for Seimens Washing Machines

The title? well sing the song it will make sense!

What the hell happened last night I announce the restart of this blog and then look at the authors and it was female dominated, well that has changed slightly with some new recruits today, so welcome to them too!

What a great few hours 4nine£'s has had with so many posts going up in the space of a few hours, congrats to everyone getting into it and by the looks of things not having any issues at all posting etc!

Best blog post has to go to AmateurBlogman and his first post which I felt revealed so much about his inner being, the turmoil, the hatred but it also showed a young fun side too, absolutely amazing writing.



  1. Pretty good start right? We need more testosterone up in here for sure! Keep things balanced.

  2. Well its 6 males to 7 females so pretty evenish now but have 2 male invites yet to clear.

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  4. I'm thinking of quitting after amateurblogman's post. How the fuck am I supposed to coexist with that genius?