Sunday, February 01, 2009

Sunday and it's snowing - almost

Well awoke this morning to a frightened little boy saying Mummy can you come and sit on my chair in my room as I'm scared of a monster?
 I have to be honest my initial thought was bloody hell its 5.45 am and Im so bloody tired it feels like my head is falling off, but luckily those words didn't come out of my lips, when I saw his little quivering bottom lip, I took him back into his room covered him over and soothed his brow, within seconds he was calm and falling back to sleep.... that's all it took 

At that moment it smacked me in the face that If I had got cross, I would have felt like crap and it would have taken a whole lot longer to get to bed, that simple! 

So anyway the day started a little later with hubby's I touch thingy next to my head ringing, apparently it was warning him about a meeting in two days time!, it scares me sometimes how organised he is,oh my, why on earth would he want to be married to me who is a firm believer in - why do today what you can put off till tomorrow?

Went downstairs to be met with the announcement we are off to Ikea and we are leaving in 20 minutes , so cue us all rushing round like the chicken who has lost it's head, children dressed , bath for me, breakfast, make up done, clothes on, phhew I'm ready......... get in the car, kids shouting, music blaring me hyperventilating for J to say I think it's going to snow I don't think we will go, lets go to that indoor play area five minutes away..... So did it snow? did it heck I counted five flecks.... men you gotta love em


  1. Nice to see a snow post follow on from the snow queen's post, yes I have been informed snow is incoming, doubt we will be taking to the pistes but I live in hope!

    Funny J sounds like Mrs Shan here the ever organised sort! amazing how opposites attract huh?

  2. youngest son arriving home today from andora he just called and he is so cold here

  3. I hate snow. Not as much as morning alarms though.