Sunday, February 01, 2009

What am I doing here!

Well I'm a bit scared, Shanachie has asked me to contribute twice a week to the blog, what will I write! I had a blog before but gave it up as thought I wasn't interesting enough in it so hopefully this time you'll all enjoy and comment on my posts.

I live up a mountain....literally! I'm working in the French Alps now for the last few years, home to the old sod during the "summers". Know Shanachie though my old life in the music biz, great friend! You'll get random posts about random things with me :)

So it's Sunday, the staff are changing over the chalet and I'm meant to be working too but snuck off for a premier post here. It's snowing (yippee) but odd weather due here this week. Had Irish guests in last week, needless to say the craic was good! Hate Sunday's always a messy day but back on the mountain tomorrow. 

I'm a bit of a gadget apple mac owner, contemplating an iPhone next. Give me a gadget and I'll happily sit in a corner playing for hours! I'm the kinda girl that buys stuff magazine and gets excited, perhaps I should go out more!!!!

Right off to think about the next post....hmmmmm....


  1. Hi snow queen. Looking forward to your blogging.

  2. Hehe yep you have no idea what you have gotten yourself into, you signed up to the cult far to easily.

    Just to let you know according to my iPhone we are to expect snow tonight and tomorrow, probably wont be able to ski unfortunately but hey I live in hope nice to have you on board!

  3. Welcome Miss Queen, Might be taking a trip to some American snow this season if I can swing it. Looking forward to checking in with you.

  4. It all sounds lovely but hard work I'd say