Tuesday, February 03, 2009

My slippery slope to filth!

Bet you cant wait to see what I am gonna write about, well sorry its all innocent!

I have a mental walk in the mornings and evenings to get the bus which I call the walk of death. About 1 and a half minutes at the end of this video (after walking through the forest) which I took towards the end of October last year I mention about people sliding down the hills mud path that we are meant to use to get to the bridge, well guess what happened to me this morning!

Yes I went from nearly the top of the hill to the bottom today on my back almost 30 feet. My clothes were destroyed and I had to go back home to do a full change. Not impressed at all that I happened to be the first to fall but thankfully I did not slide another 10 foot or I would have ended up on the road and could easily have been killed!

My back is aching now since I did go down hard but trust me it has given me the kick I need to get the council to do something about this lethal hazard!


  1. don't like to think of you doing that walk

  2. That is totally Mental ! Talk about a blind corner.

  3. Jesus man how do you make it home at night? Go on the Dublin CC.

  4. You should get a hovercar. Much quicker and safer.