Saturday, February 14, 2009

Idiots Valentines..

Ok this time last year I made a bit of a fuck up on Valentines day....Not gonna go into it but it is here for your reading pleasure...

Idiots Disaster

So anyway this year we decided to NOT buy cards and stuff for each other. We spoiled each other over the christmas and for birthdays last year and what with recession etc we wanted to save a few quid. Now as an expert on the female mind I in my wisdom went out yesterday and bought Aoife a couple of little romantic bits and a card. YAY ME!!!! I AM LEARNING!!!!

She went to work this morning before I did so I had time to write the card and leave a cute little bag for her on her pillow. She will be home a couple of hours before I am so it should be a nice surprise for her.

So thats me sorted for a ride tonight. HOORAY!

Now.........if it turns out that she has not got me anything am i allowed to Lord it over her for a while? :D


  1. Absafuckinglutely. I know I put my foot in it more often than not so if I out do myself I definitely play it to the max.

  2. Since last comment, seems I've followed your footsteps from last years debacle...we said we weren't going to do anything but apparently WE meant ME. Uh oh.

  3. Been listening to one of my best mates (male) woes today. He got his wife a card, choccies, flowers and tickets to a show, he got nothing. He is really upset, and Im not surprised. Its not the gifts, its the thought thats behind them that count (says she who got lots of lovely smellies and a beautiful dress ring).

  4. Idiot - conngratulations. That's great that you got in there with the Valentine's gift. It's true. Even if you think it's a load of bollocks there's a social expectation there that you have to run with.