Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Just sitting here looking out the window and starting thinking about when the kids were little.

How they loved the snow ' school's closed and out they'd go all wrapped up big coat's scarves hat's etc playing snowball fights with the neighbour's . They even built an igloo in the front garden . They were really proud of themselves ' they had worked well together and then low and behold a big bully from down the road broke it . Their poor little red faces and frozen finger's it all was in vein .

My one thing I hated about this time was the wet glove's and sock's but I loved it when it got dark and we all sat around the fire in jammie's and slipper's eating egg in a cup. Miss that sometime's.


  1. Great story. Brings back great memories. Nothing like building a snowman with wool gloves on!

  2. Awwww mum, brings a tear to the eye....Remember the snow baby I made recently that we bought into the house in Carlow? hehehe

  3. ahh sliding down hills on mom's tin tray's and her warming us with Cadburys hot chocolate