Tuesday, February 03, 2009

It's 9:40PM. I hate this time of evening...

I've never been one for sleep. If I had it my way I'd surf, work and play on the web until at least 3:30am. But I can't. It used to be worse, I wouldn't be able to sleep until 3:00am even if I went to bed. That's gotten easier as I've gotten older, I'm able to get to sleep earlier. But I still don't want to. I love staying up, I always have. I love computers, doesn't matter if I'm playing, programming, tinkering or surfing. I would often "optimise" my PC at around 11PM only to end up breaking the OS and having to spend 4 or 5 hours rebuilding it. "Oh damn, that's Windows bust....you beauty...." and I'd love every minute of it.

At 9:40PM it dawns on me that I have to start thinking about bed. And that's depressing.

When I was younger I could never get to sleep - and the more exciting the following day, the harder it got. But I could always sleep late. Maybe because I had to go to sleep - and then had to get up - that I just didn't want to do what I was supposed to. I also had ADHD. I've since read that a lack of sleep is a major contributor to children developing it or experiencing ADHD-type symptoms and behaviour (or lack thereof).

Since around the age of 23 things got worse. I still couldn't get to sleep but then oddly I started waking up earlier. So mugs and mugs of coffee during the day and a few more pints at the weekend to wind down. Kind of an odd cylce - caffiene fuelling me and alcohol wearing me out. Now I can't stay in bed for longer than 7 hours at the most. Sometimes I get 5 hours sleep or less. I know many people have it worse but this is my worst. This has been going on for a few years and nowI have hypertension. The good news is I've started getting better at falling asleep, I think, at least in the last year.

I still fucking hate it though.


  1. Dave, welcome man. I'm one of those 5-6 hour sleepers at the most. I never have a problem falling asleep but will always wake up 3-4 times a night. As it is I get up a 4 so really doesn't amount to a lot. As for sleeping in, no can do. Once I'm awake unless I'm hungover I'm up out the scratcher. Drives my missus nuts! No cuddling.
    Ah well!

  2. I am an odd sleeper also!!! YAY!

    Years ago I worked in the bars in Guernsey, since then I just cant go to bed before 2am. I might be tired in the evenings after work but come 11pm I am wired to the moon. 5 - 6 hours and I am fine, any more or less and I am knackered. Aoife falls asleep earlier so I would be bored silly if not for the PS3 and laptop.

  3. Hi H.I., Idiot,

    Birds of a feather! Once awake, I can never get back to sleep either...

  4. Funny thing is though....I have no problems sleeping in when I get the chance...odd

  5. After 4 children my sleep patterns have changed a lot a few hrs here and there however I am not very good at math's but I hit the bed and can do any mathamatical problem in my head

  6. Hi ails,

    Is there a limit to the problem solving you can do in your sleep :) ? Any chance of discovering the origin of life etc ?

  7. I swear the best bit of the night for me is the hour before I have to get up, other than that I fight going to bed and then fight all night going to sleep,

  8. Jeebus there's loads more people like me! 6 hours is my norm, though sometimes I'll just skip a night completely as I'm wired into a problem I'm fixing.