Thursday, December 10, 2009

Awkward Age

These Christmas ads from M&S are confusing me. I’m 41, and nearer to 42 than I’d like to be. So as I watch these M&S ads am I meant to be finding Twiggy attractive or is it ok for me to feel more drawn to Noemie Lenoir?

Can you see the quandary here? It seems the choice is either be a toy boy or a dirty old man? Being 41 going on 42 sits me uncomfortably in the middle.

Am I really only fit only to be Cougar meat? I hate getting older.


  1. Noemie Lenoir? YES PLEASE!

    Twiggy is OK too, actually.

    Honestly though, go for whatever you want.

  2. Thanks - I didn't know we had to pick one - I'd forgotten about age and just went to combine the two of them. Dammit, that's kind of ruined Xmas for me a little now.....

  3. Dave, I like your thinking. Sorry to have ruined Xmas.