Saturday, December 12, 2009


Yesterday I had a Twitter first, I was blocked by some-one!!! Yeah moi? Can you believe that? Well I assume it’s a first, because if it has happened before now then I haven’t noticed. Sorry you couldn’t of been that important.

I know why I was blocked, and it is to do with my tweets about one of the speakers at Le Web 09 (I have a whole rant about this and other shows like it, but that is for another day).

I found the speaker very very boring. Coma inducing actually. For those that follow me on Twitter and read my tweets when I catch one of those reality tv shows like Big Brother or X Factor they will know what sort of bile I let rip with. So I let rip in my usual style.

Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t hiding behind the anonymity of the internet. I’d gladly repeat what I said to their face in person (if they wish to travel to where I live, I don’t have the budget to visit them).

According to a friend of the speaker who I also follow, I’m a troll and need to Shut The Feck Up and get my own speaking gig. I’m also meant to apologise to the speaker.

I’d be more than happy to apologise, if the speaker will apologise also. Not for blocking me (that I don’t care about and hadn’t noticed for a couple of days until I was asked to apologise), but for being sooooo boring.

And so ends the rant.

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