Monday, December 14, 2009

There’s A Pill For That

I love getting spam emails. No I really do. They so often inform me of solutions for problems I never knew I had or they could of only found out about from my Ex. Heck the spam has even told me about bank accounts with banks I’ve never been with. Which is handy to know about just in case I have money sitting in those none existent accounts.

They seem to have a pill to solve most of these problems, and it usually seems to be the same little blue one. The great thing is they give such great discounts and fast delivery times. And who knew that this little blue pill would be so flexible, those scientist types sure were clever when they invented it.

Another classic I get is the fake DHL delivery email for something I have never ordered. Asking me to print out a label using their specially written spamware program that will tear through my pc stealing anything useful and profitable quicker than Gordon Brown going through my wallet.

Oh and who can forget those hot Asian/Russian women that have seen my photo that only want a relationship, some hot lovin’ (probaby fuelled by that little blue pill at some incredible discount), lessons in English and a green card.

Spam is such fun.

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