Saturday, January 16, 2010

How Stupid Do You Think I Am Brown?

Sometimes you read a news headline and you think “I bloody knew it”. I had one of those moments when I read the following headline on the BBC website “PM targets 'middle class voters'”.

Suddenly my years of feeling persecuted by Brown (read all about Why Does Gordon Brown Hate Me? or as it should of been entitled Gordon Brown and his part in my downfall) seemed verified. At last others were acknowledging what a hate monger Brown was to a whole section of society. Ok it wasn’t the complete acknowledgement of guilt that I wanted. I’d of preferred something that was less general and more specific like “PM targets Darren”.

But it’s a start I thought in the healing process. Suddenly I felt less paranoid and delusional. As my hands reached for the phone to dial my ex to let her know I hadn’t been completely round the bend during our years of marriage, I thought I better read the article.

“What the feck?” This wasn’t an admission of how Brown had been picking the hard earned cash from peoples pockets in hidden taxes (well not so hidden as more smoke and mirrors) for years as Chancellor of the Exchequer like a sophisticated Artful Dodger. There was nothing artful about the way Brown operated. Brown picked the middle classes pockets like a clumsy and crude teenager trying to get into the pants of his first girlfriend.

This was an article about how Brown was trying to court the middle classes to vote for him in the up and coming general election. Brown was expecting these people to forget the years of larceny he has committed in his positions of power. He wants them to come to him after having a beating and say “please sir may I have another?”

He’s spent billions bailing out his banker buddies, and happily does nothing to bail out joe public. He just lumbers joe public with the bill. But then I guess that is only natural we won’t be offering him a seat on the board once he gets kicked out of office. But we have to ignore that fact and vote for him apparently.

In Browns myopic world his relationship with the British public is that of owner and puppy. Where he is the owner that kicks the puppy in angry fits (also known as budget statements) and expects the puppy to come back wagging it’s tail.

Well it’s time that the puppy turned and bit it’s master. So in the spirit of last years Christmas number one I hope the the British people will join me in saying “Feck you I’m not doing what you tell me”.

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