Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Snake Oil By Any Other Name

What the mutha feckin heck is a “word of mouth specialist”? Is that a posh way of describing a hooker that only does blow jobs?

Why do I ask? Well that is how some-one described themselves in their twitter profile.

I was checking them out after they asked “is there anything that you do like? at least something is being done...” after I had made the following comment to some-one else “I was going 2 say there is no good taste in Farnborough just bad planning decisions ;)”.

[Side note: the some-one else agreed with me about the more town planning in Farnborough is crap]

I did respond to their question with “well I did like it when they were knocking large chunks of it down”. Which apparently is harsh!

But seriously “word of mouth specialist”? Can we stop with these pretentious self important twatish names please?

You’re not fooling anyone, a snake oil salesman is a snake oil salesman whether you call yourself a “social media guru” or “word of mouth specialist”.

I’m going to leave you with a clip of the genius of Bill Hicks (miss ya Bill the world needs you more than ever) and his plea to folks in advertising/marketing which I feel goes doubly to the “social media guru” or “word of mouth specialist”.

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