Tuesday, February 23, 2010

i have a life mate

So there you are on a monday evening 3 minutes to 6 and waiting on the "beep beep" of your watch so you can get home from a long day at work. and some asshole comes in and asks "what time ya close mate" in there thick country accent, most ordinary folk have went home to let us people in retail get to ours. yes i know we are open for a service etc etc,but 3 minutes to 6 is taking the piss. "i need a shirt for goin' out ta' night" he says to which i reply "casual or formal", "ack its only for takin' her for somfin to eat" casual then it is ya cheap git. so i show him to the shirts "what about this one" i say "and what size you looking" "oh large will do me mate", yeah right in dreams chubby last time you seen large was on a mc donalds wrapper. in this time the "beep beep" has gone and the other staff are giving me the "we're away home nod",no point us all wasting time as numpty looks at new shirts. "aye ill take dat mate hope im not keeping ya back like" he says as we walk to the till "ah no sure im here till 6" i said looking at my watch, knowing its 10 past, "im in no hurry"

Don't get me wrong i dont mind my job i quite like it. But there's always one person that'll keep 10 people back just because being open 7 days a week isnt enough.

As you may have/haven't noitced this is only my second blog fgirst one didnt go to well did it lol anyway im here now get over yourselves lol, forgive my spelling and bad grammer. hopefully it will improve after reading others on here and a few i other places i will be posting more often.

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